Interlang template

Hi Deduppa,

I noticed that you edited the Polish interwiki link in Šablona:Interlang. Unfortunately, your edit breaks the Polish links on pages like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (video hra), which is why I reverted it.

Considering that those two edits are the only ones you did with this account (see Speciální:Editcount/Deduppa), I have to assume that your intention was to vandalize the template. Any further action done by you breaking the template will cause me to report you to an administrator of this wiki and have the template blocked for editing by newly registered users like you.

Please tell me why you wanted to edit the template. --C-3P0 (diskuse) 10. 11. 2012, 15:55 (UTC)

Nevermind, I noticed that the Polish interwiki links were not working in the old version either. I now fixed the template so that those links work again. Let me know if fixing the Polish links was your intention and whether you need any additional help. Have a nice weekend, C-3P0 (diskuse) 10. 11. 2012, 15:58 (UTC)

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